Acquiring a rock crusher is not as simple as that of a truck, a bulldozer or motor grader. There are many factors to consider, and the equipment to combine, to achieve a practical equipment to operate efficiently and profitably.

At Triaso we offer you free experienced advice in the selection of the most suitable equipment. In Triaso we do not seek to make your biggest purchase, we seek to provide you with the solution that generates the most profit. We know that the prosperity of our clients will keep them loyal to us in their expansion, and will give us the best references with their acquaintances.

Not achieving a sale to which we invest advice does not concern us. We know that there we have a good reference.

Do not buy wrong or extra equipment.

If your need is for a specific work, let us advise you the right equipment.
Only the following information is necessary for the correct selection of the equipment:

  • The particular specifications of your work.
  • The volumes of aggregates to be produced.
  • The construction program.
Ask us for a personalized analysis of 'Investment/Production-income'.
To compare the economic convenience of rock crushers of different sizes with different equipment, for your specific project.


Control systems according to your needs:
  • Automatic, logical, with sequential and self-protected functions.
  • Computerized.
  • Combined.
Study, design and implementation of automatic or computerized control systems in your current equipment (Retrofit).


Departments of our company that serve you directly:

  • , We have 12 professionals constantly working on special orders, new serial designs, improvements to current designs, new products and technologies, which receive field feedback from the equipment sold for constant improvement.
  • , We have 6 professionals dedicated to simulate in computer the proposals of the design department and feedback the results to improve efficiency and avoid failures of the equipment in the field.
  • , We have 12 professionals dedicated to the installation of our standard systems of control and design and implementation of special systems required by customers.
  • , We have 6 professionals that review the equipment while in manufacturing daily, from its start to its completion.
  • , We have 20 technicians working with computerized machine tools (Cnc), special application, manuals and technical treatment units.
  • , We have 200 welders, technicians and general workers experienced in the manufacture of our equipment.
  • , We have 14 technicians specialized in the installation and maintenance of the crushing plants sold.