Some tips for the buying
If you do not know anything about rock crushing, you will easily enter this great business with our equipment and our full advice.
If you are already an expert in rock crushing, and spend a few minutes to review our features, you will realize the great business you can achieve with our equipment.
Lower acquisition cost when compared to other machines equipped with less attributes.
Designed and fabricated with the highest quality standards, heavy gauge steel and vibration absorbing elements ensure a non-stop production process.
Compact sized and mobile; ideal for brief jobs and frequent relocations.
The design and fabrication has been perfected to the last detail, with minimum downtime, with the evolution of almost 120 crushing plants manufactured and monitored thru the maintenance we provide.
Mining specs: Operation cycle of 100% (24 hours) in highly contaminated environments.
The installation and leveling of the machine and conveyor belts are very simple due to predetermined height and leveling of its chassis and coincidence with each other.
Various types of feeders, you install the one that best suits your quarry or mine.
Vibratory feeders equipped with…
  • The most efficient vibration mechanisms; robust and maintenance free.
  • Vibration absorbing support structure.
  • A Grizzly to eliminate unwanted materials and/or to skip unnecessary crushing processes.
  • Feeding speed control.
  • Optional feeders for the most difficult and unusual conditions.
Primary jaw crusher equipped with…
  • Reinforced components to achieve a long useful life.
  • Great reliability and high crushing efficiency of the hardest and toughest rocky materials; proven by dozens of well done jobs.
  • The cavity’s opening to height ratio has been optimized to minimize stops due to material jam.
  • Structure isolated to vibration.
  • Machined and hardened forged steel eccentric shaft.
  • Pulley and flywheel perfectly balanced to avoid chassis fatigue.
Ssecondary and tertiary crushing cones equipped with…
  • Reinforced components to achieve a long useful life.
  • Great reliability and high crushing efficiency of the hardest and toughest rocky materials; proven by dozens of well done jobs.
  • Symons type cone, standard or short head, with the option of fine, medium, large and extra large cavities.
  • Bowl locking system by means of hydraulic jacks which are operated from the control console.
  • Easy opening and closing of the cavity by means of hydraulic jacks.
  • An Anti-jamming system using hydraulic jacks for a quick release of the crushing cavity.
  • Lubrication systems equipped with level, pressure, flow and temperature sensors with automatic stop; automatic oil heaters and coolers with all the necessary components included, all operated form the control console.
  • Total monitoring and control of the machine can be done from the control console.
  • The continuous feeding system ensures great production cubicity, with minimum material slab.
Vibratory screens, inclined, equipped with…
  • The most efficient, robust and maintenance free vibratory mechanism.
  • Structure isolated to vibration.
  • Mesh replacement is simple and fast .
  • We also have horizontal screens for spaces with limited access.
Our conveyor belts meet CEMA (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association) standards, which guarantees durability with minimum maintenance.
  • Capable of starting loaded with material.
  • Predetermined support leg height for fast installation, different inclination adjustments and hinged for transport.
  • Great lateral and longitudinal stability for maneuvering and operation.
  • Reinforced against rough mounting and dismounting maneuvers.
  • Stackable for easy, economic and harmless transport, with minimum maneuvers.
Power transmissions by means of sealed gear reducers.
We don’t use the cheap, unreliable chain driven transmission sprockets.
Increments and decrements of production are computer controlled.
Mineral crushing and concentration systems are specially designed for small miners, very low priced, low operation cost and maintenance, high reliability, perfect for small veins and little access infrastructure.
The spare supply is easy and economic since we use parts that are commonly used in the industry, making forced breaking stops virtually null.
Due to the balance of all its components, “bottle necks” that limit production rate are eliminated; making the machine’s production rate greater than other brands, even with “same size” models.
Our post-sale attention is impeccable; we have faced every possible situation that can happen operating a crushing machine; and we apply this in the form of improvements for our equipment.
No other machine can compete with so much productivity at a low cost.