Design and constant improvement, using the most modern technology

Our designs comply with international standards, and their functionality solves problems and discomforts that you will never know, unless you compare the operation of our equipment with other brands.

The functionality of our designs solves problems and inconveniences very common in other brands, that the user of a TRIASO equipment will never suffer.

Simulation with finite element software (Ansys®) to accurately test, within the computer, the behavior of new designs, improvements in current designs or design of special orders.

  • Behavior of the flow of aggregates and air at any point in the process.
  • Analysis of temperatures, their use and their isolation.
  • Analysis of structural, static and dynamic efforts, during the operation and in the installation and dismantling maneuvers.
  • Analysis of the behavior of air and dust flow in cyclone separators and baghouses for pollution control.
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… and after the design and manufacturing, we monitor the operation of our equipment through the maintenance we provide, to further improve those of subsequent manufacturing, which has achieved the most reliable and productive equipment on the market.


A reliable and productive equipment is born from a perfectly detailed design.