Triaso Silo types:

  • Self-erecting.
  • Semi-stationary (non self-erecting).


  • The most reasonable price.
  • Six inches fiberglass insulation (12” in the upper deck section).
  • Steep 60º inferior cone.
  • Inferior cone heating system with even heat distribution.
  • Options for the inferior cone heating: (A) Electric (B) Thermal oil.
  • Exterior lining made of stainless steel sheet.
  • Two antisegregation batch hoppers, at the top and the bottom.
  • Sonic sensor of hot mix level inside the silo.
  • Drag slat with intermediate pneumatic gate for discharge of waste mix.
  • Completely sealed to prevent the hot mix exposition to air.


  • Portability for semi-stationary silo (not self-erecting).
  • Self-erecting silo is portable in standard form.

  • Computerized control system for weighing and delivery
  • Total control with database by truck, scanned to avoid data manipulation.

  • The theft of asphalt mix is absolutely avoided.


A silo offers many advantages to your asphalt plant

  • Minimizes stoppages and starts of the asphalt plant which are extremely expensive.
  • The asphalt plant can start its production one hour before the arrival of the trucks and the beginning of the paving job.
  • Or it can be produced during one hour after the removal of the trucks and the end of the laying, and deliver the mixture the next day.
  • The asphalt plant can produce continuously throughout the day even if it is raining or there are no trucks, a very common situation with long haulage, at lunchtime, truck failures, etc.
  • It avoids the waste of mixture deposited on the ground and cooled waiting for delayed trucks.
  • Trucks are loaded in 30 seconds instead of 5-10-15 minutes, and in case of row of trucks waiting to load, the time savings is even higher.
  • By having fewer trucks parked and more in movement, the number of trucks needed to lay the asphalt is reduced.
  • To make the pavement uniform, without transverse grooves, the paver should not stop at its laying, since there would be a small transversal groove. This is avoided with a silo because the laying of the asphalt is continuous, and instead of interrupting it about 20 times a day, it may be reduced to only 2 or 3 times.
  • The bad practice of depositing in the soil the mixture produced when there are no trucks to receive it or stretch to place it, is totally avoided.
    Many construction regulations prohibit this, because the mixture forms a poor quality pavement that fails very quickly.
  • Reliability of a better quality asphalt mix to avoid the risk of it getting deposited on the ground.
  • Customers who send their own trucks to pick up the purchased mix are entertained with very little time during their loading.
  • Have more time with mix available for delivery at any time

Extra-reinforced heavy-duty design and thickness of materials. Industrial design focused
on aesthetics to favor your company's image. Easy transportation and installation.

We fulfill with USA standards: EPA, OSHA, DOT, and UL wiring.
We can comply with other standards you may require.

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