Less fuel consumption
than most other brands




  • The most reasonable price.
  • Among the most modern and productive worldwide.
  • Extra-economic operation.
  • Total computerized control.
  • Parallel flow drum.
  • Oversized drum to achieve productivity under adverse conditions.
  • Completely sealed against outside cold air.
  • The most advanced design and array of flights for the highest heat transfer to the aggregates.
  • Different options of dust control: Wet scrubber, cyclone system, gravity settling chamber or baghouse.
  • Optional fines-returning system./li>
  • For heavy work.


Less fuel consumption than most competitor's plants:

  • System focused on heat conservation and its efficient transfer to aggregates.
  • Fuel pre-heater.
  • 'Total air' and 'Variable power' Triaso burner.
  • Thick insulated drum.
  • Sealed drum against cold air inlet.
  • High-efficiency radiant heat pick-up flights in the drum.
  • High-efficiency veiling flights in the drum.
  • Computerization of all functions and high responsive settings variation.



Extra-reinforced heavy-duty design and thickness of materials. Industrial design focused
on aesthetics to favor your company's image. Easy transportation and installation.

We fulfill with USA standards: EPA, OSHA, DOT, and UL wiring.
We can comply with other standards you may require.

Customization to the specific needs you request.

Twelve-month warranty.
he best after-sales service
We know how important it is that your equipment does not stop working.