We have tanks for asphalt storage with options to cover any need.


  • Direct-fired or with an oil heater
  • Horizontal or vertical type
  • Stationary or portable
  • Agitators for any application
  • Incorporators of all types of polymers
  • Rubber incorporators
  • Manual or power-actuated valves
  • Fume condensers


    The most reasonable price.

    Computerized system for avoiding theft of asphalt in the reception of the tanker truck and during the operation.

  • Industrial minicomputer for monitoring and control, mounted on the tank.
  • New technology asphalt level sensor, guided wave radar type, for continuous monitoring.
        Volume of asphalt in the tank (Accuracy with margin of error of 11.3 lts in 60,000 lts.)
        Consumption history and asphalt refills.
  • Other advantages

  • Electrical connection to switch to small generator for tank operations with plant turned off.
  • Elliptical cylinder to reduce transportation height.
  • Flanged pipes and valves for high temperature.
  • Redundant security systems for operation failures.
  • Six inches fiberglass insulation
  • Exterior lining made of stainless steel sheet.
  • Overflow protection and low-level controls.

    Extra-reinforced heavy-duty design and thickness of materials. Industrial design focused
    on aesthetics to favor your company's image. Easy transportation and installation.

    We fulfill with USA standards: EPA, OSHA, DOT, and UL wiring.
    We can comply with other standards you may require.

    Customization to the specific needs you request.

    Twelve-month warranty.
    he best after-sales service
    We know how important it is that your equipment does not stop working.